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Chicago Bathroom Handyman Services

When it comes to tiles installation and replacement to your bathroom you need to take many considerations into account. More importantly your budget is the first thing you should consider. Functionality and space of the bathroom is important because fixtures such as sinks and toilets come in many sizes and shapes. You have to consider type of flooring, tiles on the wall, sinks, faucet and optional features you may need.

Handyman Tile Installation - Choosing a floor for your bathroom may need some time and factors to consider like children because some tiles are specially made to be more slippery resistant. The floor and tiling in the bathroom improves look and tone of the bathroom. Our handyman can repair tiles, install new tiles, re-grout the tiles, clean and more. Give us a call today and we would be more than happy to give you free estimate and advice.

Handyman Bathroom Repairs

• Bathtub Re-caulking
• Faucet Repair
• Fix leaks
• Install a sink
• Install medicine cabinet
• Mount towel rack
• Bathroom plumbing
• Repair old sink
• Shower door installation
• Toilet repair

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