Kitchen Repair & Remodeling

Handyman Kitchen Repair & Remodeling Chicago

When it comes to kitchen repair or remodeling, new appliance or cabinet expansion we can help you with it all. As much as a kitchen is attractive it should also be functional enough for you. It pays to take a close look at what you really need in the kitchen literally. Kitchen appliances, cabinetry, and fixtures are important key elements in improving the living space and functionality in your kitchen. Meet with one of our remodeling handyman and we could recommend you a choice or two for more affordable solutions.

Kitchen Cabinet Replacement

Depending on the current configuration and construction of your cabinets, you can have us replace, refinish, or improve them. Depending on your need most cabinets are used for extra storage in the kitchen environment. Over time the cabinets become smaller and smaller due to more items getting stacked in them. If you want more space in the cabinets you might have to add more cabinets or replace them with newer and more functional cabinets.

There is three varieties of cabinets: the stock cabinets, usually found in your local home improvement store. If you prefer to give your kitchen a complete makeover considers semi-customer or fully custom cabinets. They come in variety of options and looks.

Sink repair and replacement

Kitchen sinks have evolved as much as kitchen faucets. If you want more space in the sink or the old sinks condition is hard on looks give us a call. The sink should not be rotting, changing colors or leaking beneath the cabinet. Sinks can be replaced within an hour or two. Most sinks are replaced all-together with kitchen remodeling projects. If you like the functionality and the look of your kitchens cabinetry and just want to replace them sink give us a call. Our handyman will help you with pricing of the sink and the replacement. For more information on sinks and faucet repair and installation call our handyman today.

Kitchen Countertops Repair and Installation

Kitchen counter-tops have a significant impact on the overall look and feel in your kitchen. You don’t have to remodel your kitchen to replace a counter-top. Counter-tops are one of the easiest ways to improve the look of your kitchen. We install, replace, repair, and cut counter-tops as a kitchen service. The variety of counter-tops is overall picked out by the tone and the impact that it’s going to make on your kitchen. You have variety of green counter-tops, granite, marble, stone and more. For more information of counter-tops questions and help call our handyman today.

Tile repair and installation

If your old tiles are getting chipped and cracked it may be time to repair them. Most tiles act as a “domino effect” one tile will cause discomfort for the other and soon you will have an ongoing affect of moving, cracked and broken tiles. Tiles are a great change in the kitchen if you are not remodeling your kitchen completely. We can repair, install, and replace grouting, adhesive, individual tiles, and much more. For any questions or concerns about tiles in your kitchen give our handyman service a call.

We can repair, improve, and install any component in your kitchen. To the right is a list of services we perform in the kitchen to improve the living and functionality.

Chicago Kitchen Repair

• Kitchen sink repair
• Cabinet doors repair
• Cabinet door knobs replacement
• New cabinet doors
• Cabinet refinishing
• Cabinet hinges repair
• Cabinet glass replacement & installation
• More shelves installation
• Kitchen cabinet shelves repair
• Counter-top repair & replacement
• Caulking kitchen countertop
• Replacing cabinets
• Repair tiles
• Install new tiles
• Fix leakage
• Install towel holders
• Repair drawers
• Kitchen island installation
• Kitchen painting service
• Kitchen drywall repair
• Kitchen doors
• Installing garbage disposals
• Install/upgrading cabinets
• Add breakfast nook
• Install new kitchen appliances

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